LALA Yogurt Parfait Recipe Mason Jar
Strawberry Cup Yogurt Parfait Recipe

LALA® Yogurt Parfait

Smooth. Crunchy. Sweet. Repeat. Make a treat that is as fun to look at as it is to eat. Try this simply delicious recipe for a yummy and satisfying yogurt parfait made with your favorite flavor of LALA Cup Yogurt. Send us a picture of your parfait and tell us how you liked it.

Level: Easy


  • LALA® Cup Yogurt, any flavor
  • Low-fat granola
  • Fresh fruit (can substitute frozen fruit)


Start out with your clean glass or clear bowl, cup or parfait dish. Spoon in a layer of your LALA® Cup Yogurt at the bottom, then top that with a layer of fresh (or frozen) fruit, top the fruit with a layer of low-fat granola. Repeat those layers once more and top it off with one more dollop of yogurt. Presto! You have a beautiful and tempting yogurt parfait treat. TIP: Make sure you slice or chop up your fruit pieces so they are easy to spoon out when you are ready to dig in. Next time, try making your treat with LALA Greek Cup Yogurt for even more protein!