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LALA for Life. 

What’s the meaning behind our “LALA For Life” anthem?

Well, first, let’s talk about #yogurting. When you think about all the protein and calcium that goes into every bottle of LALA Yogurt Smoothies, you can easily see why LALA is the perfect nourishment for life on the go. Whether you’re quickly enjoying a Wild Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie before you run out the door in the morning before work, or packing a Tropical Mango Greek Yogurt Smoothie for your afternoon snack, LALA can keep you nourished while you live life to the fullest. With the portability and drinkability of our smoothies, if you can’t stop: then, don’t stop.

And that leads to the meaning behind “LALA For Life.” Because it’s not just about the combination of nourishment and convenience you get when you mix LALA’s Yogurt Smoothies into your daily routine. It’s also about the milk you mix into your coffee or pour into your kid’s cereal. It’s about when you get home, and you flip through our recipes to make dinner for the family to enjoy together. With our rich line of delicious products, including our UHT milk and Mexican Sour Cream, no matter your age or lifestyle, there’s a LALA dairy product on our shelves that’s ready to be taken home to yours. 

So whether you’re #yogurting on the way to the park for a hike with your friends after work, or whipping up some delicious enchiladas for the family, there’s a LALA perfectly suited to fit your needs and your lifestyle.

Learn more about our Products and explore our Recipes to see how to enjoy LALA for Life.